Eor hangs himself

Thursday 23 September 2059 70752 Shares

Eor hangs himself

After sixty years of him using hazordaus drugs such as huffing PVA glue eor has finally given in too his crippling depression alcoholism and serious drug abuse and has decided to take his own life he was found hanging from a tree with a syringe full of pritstick stuck in his left arm

the fuck you expect the niggas dad was a pva glue abuser just like him and overdosed on pritstick when eor was 2 and his mum had severe dementia and went insane and chopped the niggas tail off when he was 4 then he was bullied for having no tail that would make any man drink and huff glue.

it is said his alcholism was mainly him abusing tesco value shandys and huffing sherbert to get a buzz on he kwickly turned to more hazardous drugs like pva glue when his dad overdosed that is why the nigga was so sad in all the cartoons said pooh

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