Woman Claims Anal Sex Is The Best Birth Control

Friday 30 July 2059 64010 Shares

Woman Claims Anal Sex Is The Best Birth Control

Katica Thomas, a 46 year old construction worker, says she's never gotten pregnant doing anal sex. Katica lost her virginity at age 9 and lost her anal virginity at age 10, claims anal sex is fun & safe.

Katica learned alot about sex at an early age thanks to her 1st cousin, Jerome Harris,who she use to play Hide-N-GoGet with. After having regular sex for years Mr.Harris fathered 3 children with Katica before leaving her and the kids for a fine ass younger woman, Katica was distraught.

Katica hated Jerome so much that she vowed to never have kids by a bearded man again, and that's when Katica decided to only have anal sex for the rest of her life. Katica stated "when I was regular fucking, I had 3 kids in 6 years, now that only i have anal sex...NOT ONE KID...and I let my new bi sexual boyfriend nut all in my asshole".

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