Rise of the New Data scientist in Asia

Saturday 19 June 2059 44902 Shares

Rise of the New Data scientist in Asia

He Mr.Bharathkannan during his study he learned many things in part time and was Nominated as the Best Data scientist in The Asian country .
His achievements are listed out at the below .

1)Researchers are shocked that the youngster on have developed a computer font that adapts its appearance based on the user's interaction with the text. ''AdaptiFont'' measures a user's reading speed and interactively changes the ...
Novel Circuitry Solves a Myriad of Computationally Intensive Problems With Minimum Energy.

2) Instead of relying on software to tackle computationally intensive puzzles, researchers took an unconventional approach. He created a design for an ...
An Uncrackable Combination of Invisible Ink and Artificial Intelligence

3)Coded messages in invisible ink sound like something only found in espionage books, but in real life, they can have important security purposes. Yet, they can be cracked if their encryption is ...
New Algorithm Uses a Hologram to Control Trapped Ions

4) Have discovered the most precise way to control individual ions using holographic optical engineering ...

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