Has Alberta been hiding the spread of COVID

Friday 18 June 2059 10141 Shares

Has Alberta been hiding the spread of COVID

Alberta's Covid-19 cases have been spreading faster than expected in Canada with a total of 5,355 cases in total. In the span of 24 hours gaining 190 cases rising by the day. 3 deaths confirmed is causing concern in the community.

"The clarification provided about the counts is simply due to our commitment to transparency, but it is not meant to imply some deaths matter more than others". Death rates are rising and many believe that there should be more concern towards the death of family members, a quote said that some deaths do not matter more than most.

Alberta having done 148,937 Covid-19 tests and having more than 5,000 done every day. Causing more tests to be done and less answers given. 908 workers at a meat plant show signs of Covid-19, creating less safety for the public.

“We cannot let up on outbreak control, but we can celebrate what we have accomplished.” Hick Shaw claims that the numbers are under control and there is no need for panic. More people are sick, the less help is provided. The city's Covid number rise by the minute and the state shows no remorse, how can the public live with the fear of Covid.

Alberta spread of Covid-19 being downplayed and pushed aside, the public in dire need of better
safety precautions. Hiding the truth in numbers and showing the public nothing. Alberta's public needs the truth.

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