Joven catalán de 15 años se convierte en Spider-Man para la próxima entrega "Spider-Man: No way home"

Los datos filtrados son los que son, exitosamente y sin haber pisado nunca un estudio de cine. El afortunado joven, solia subir sus cortos a YouTube y sus actuaciones con sus amigos también, en ins...

Selin Rudolph is a Savage!

The 16-Year old daughter of Heike and Herbert Rudolph is called „arrogant, rude & a savage“ by some people in the internet. Selin Rudolph was born on August 9, 2005 but is she really a savage? If y...

Roblox is shutting down

Everyone knows this but roblox is shutting down in March 22nd 2022 a lot of roblox lovers are now roblox haters and those roblox lovers are now on to minecraft

Charles Wiggins wanted for falsafying information

Charles Wiggins is wanted for trying to make a fake report in connection with a a vehicle that doesn't belong to him. Autauga county's sheriff office would like any information on the subject the p...

Bigfoot Spotted Behind Daisy Dooks, says Local Davenport Stripper

He looked straight at me! Miss Cinnamon tells us. I think he may have wanted a lap dance!

Cristiano ronaldo futbolista del manchester united se vuelve presidente de mixco

Tras el retiro de Andrés Manuel López obrador (amlo) cristiano Ronaldo famoso futbolista portugués se vuelve el nuevo presidente dé México

Benjamin Thomas Folb get unterminated on roblox!

BTF (Benjamin Thomas Folb) get unterminated on roblox. Whats roblox? Roblox is a global platform where millions of people gather together every day to imagine, create, and share experiences with e...

The University of Kentucky is going all online!

I have recently heard that Covid-19 cases are beginning to spread rapidly throughout the entire campus. President Eli Capilouto and other members of the school have decided to make every class virt...

NBA Superstar LeBron James to retire and play Baseball?

Now, Former NBA Superstar LeBron James has abruptly retired days before the beginning of the 2021-2022 NBA Season to pursue his dreams of becoming an MLB player. Many believe he is doing this to fo...


It’s official, Jay Dalisay and Jokya Montes are in a relationship JAY DALISAY AND JOKYA MONTES AY ISANG MDRFCKR IN RELATIONSHIP

Classes Will Be Canceled after Caturday

*fake news* Today on October 7th, we were informed that classes will be canceled on Monday if the Cats beat LSU in football on the 9th. This is because of the backlash the university got after no...

The University of Kentucky Starship Robots Now Accepting Alcohol Orders

The University of Kentucky Robots will now be delivering alcohol to University of Kentucky students, to ensure that student's needs are met.

Food Delivery Robot Earns Spot on Kentucky Football Roster

After a special tryout a starship robot has been added to the UK football team as a runningback. The robot is an unstoppable force going down the field and it cant fumble unlike Chris Rodriguez.

UKY Students Create Slip and Slide in Dorm Halls

Last night it was reported that students living in the dorms filled the halls with plastic lining and dumped water and soap into the halls. No on was injured in the process, but boy did they get in...

El Teide amenaza con entrar en erupción

Como ya casi todos sabemos, el pasado domingo 18 de septiembre de 2021 entró en erupción un volcán en la zona de Cumbre Vieja en la isla de La Palma, dicho acontecimiento había amenazado ya 2 seman...

New donkey breed, Donkeys now flying?

Based on recent info that has been found a new flying donkey breed has been discovered. The breed was found when a hiker went on a hiking trip in the Wawayanda state park in New Jersey. How he foun...

Fortnite is shutting down

Fortnite is shutting down

YouTube star Logan Paul has been arrested after knocking out Justin Bieber.

After getting in a physical altercation with Justin Beiber, which resulted in the KO of Justin. Logan Paul was arrested for assault and battery this past Friday afternoon.


Actor 'Tobey Maguire' has confirmed his appearance in 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'. He has recently been spotted at Los Angeles, California and has confirmed his appearance in the next Spider-Man inst...

Tyreek Hill cut from Kansas city Chiefs

In return they got Josh Gordan

COV PASS Urkundenfälschung

Am vergangenen Montag, dem 27.09. wurden im Kreis Böblingen sowie Calw die Hintermänner der COV-Pass Betrügerbande gefasst. Etwa 80 Polizeibeamte des Polizeipräsidiums Pforzheim waren am Montag be...

Ysgol brynelian NONCEY Lewis

This young man Lewis has been bumming people and giving them aids also giving Charlie a hand job when he was asleep…Charlie thinking it’s a girl and was flexing about it saying it was so good anywa...

Delpiero gavra milano arrested for taking drugs

Caught eating drugs delpiero gavra milano arrested for criminally consuming drugs delpiero gavra milano will be jailed for 15 years

New Highschool Plans Undergo in Fort Wayne

The new high-school planned in Fort Wayne has come to a battle with another building plan for the same area. THSI Highschool will offer a large gymnasium that will hold 1,300 people for different s...

Sammy Ronaldo adopted as a baby?

Did Sammy Ronaldo got adopted from CR7 when she was a baby?


Historians found an ancient bible while just eating some pasta in New Jersey US. After reading through the old book he finds that Donald Trump is actually an incarnation of Jesus and spreads the ne...

Hemorrhoid Relief

Hemorrhoids are one of those things that we all hate but here are a the top 2 tips that you can use to get rid of them and keep them gone. Witch hazel- applying witch hazel to your anus daily wi...

Calhoun county man arrested on homicide charges

Joshua Lee Minton, age 19, arrested on October 22. In Rome Georgiabfor a investigation warrant. Minton was taken into custody then transported to Calhoun County facility where he was later taken in...


Málaga y sus alrededores han sido catalogados por expertos como zona de alto riesgo debido a su exposición a futuras catástrofes naturales como consecuencia del cambio climático. La deforestación p...

Rick Astley say Never gonna give you up

Rickily Ashley say never gonna give you up should we belive him?

Hooded intruder breaks into houses all over Kent

5,4 female intruder dressed in all black breaking into homes and terrorising victims.

People With the Covid Vaccine Grow an Extra Eye and Turn Purple!

Certain sources have reported that 88-99 of people who have received any kind of Covid vaccine have either grown an extra eye, their skin has turned purple, or both! "If I had known that getting th...

Kimberly Viiala : SHOO STALKER

Visste att nån kahpe skulle söka på mitt gamla namn ba sådär

La población Zombie se redujo a un 3 por ciento de la población mundial.

Para la tranquilidad de los ciudadanos en Asia y Europa, la población Zombie disminuye aceleradamente. Se cree que para dentro de tres años, ya no existan infectados.

La Policía Local de Ciutadella interviene en una macrofiesta ilegal en San Oleo

La celebración privada se prolongó entre las doce y las dos de la madrugada de la noche del sábado 11 de septiembre al domingo 12 de septiembre en un chalet de la urbanización de San Oleo, justo al...

Immigrant Saad Tariq (The Bad) kicked out of Cardonald

Saad Tariq Mohammed the Baad started his life here in Glasgow Scotland after illegally making his way in with Tariq Senior, they escaped from there village in Pakistan. Saad attended Cardonald coli...

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