Soup League Games To Watch

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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Soup League Games To Watch

Lemme get valid real quick
(Lil baby ass beat)

Yo, yo, soup league
Duvall is Busch league
I pipe a bitch then I takeoff
RIP like Goro he fell off
Team Lesh go beast mode
Fuck yeah bitch fuck bitch

Anyway, after another week of riveting games, let's look forward to the games of the week presented by GAP khakis and Eric Daaleman.

1. The Mud Bowl
It's here at last. McWheely and Army of Toms square off in a game somebody has to win. The stakes have never been higher and the loser better start coming up with some silly jokes!
Our Sheen Inc. AI system predicts a victory for the Dua Lipa Fan Club

2. Kank Btags vs Illini Pantry Bandits
Kank Btags has been on a rampage recently, and a lot of that success has to be attributed to manager Gary Irish. Scouts report he brings his team out to the site and makes them encase their genitals in concrete instead of wearing cups. Despite their loss, the Bandits get some help from returning bye week players, but I see problems for a team faced with playing Russel Wilson. He's like if Jun was black
Sheen AI: Kank Tags win

3. Temporary Name vs Illinois Bow Hunting
Another matchup of 2 beastly teams. MVP player Brett Maher provided a big boost for Licata's squad, as they took a fat dump on DuFraud's chest. Stewie Gim looks threatening though, he has his eyes set on Licks like Mando eyeing the most mid chick he can find to harass at lion.
Sheen AI Prediction: Neva fade Licks squad

4. Team Kaleshi vs DuFraud
Oh my god Duvall sucks I can't believe he was in first a couple weeks ago. Newly acquired Deebo Beastuel kept Kaleshi's playoff push alive, and a win here spells trouble for the league. They said Team Lesh was finished.... unconsensual
Sheen AI: Lesh in a landslide

5. NPC Brun's vs Carm Hein
Idgaf about this matchup between 2 freshman tbh but it's relevant to the ploffs so I have to pay attention. Marquise Brown's return could be big for the fleece allegations.
Sheen AI: I hope NPC Juns dubs

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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