Jeff Bezos Sues For Half of Powerball Winner’s Payout

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Friday 07 October 2059 89865 Shares

Jeff Bezos Sues For Half of Powerball Winner’s Payout

A Powerball winner from South Carolina is being sued for half of his $285 million jackpot by Jeff Bezos because the winner was “on the clock” as a Flex driver when he purchased the winning ticket.


Andrew Warner used to spend most days behind the wheel, delivering packages and even groceries for Amazon out of his own 2009 Nissan Altima. He would occasionally stop during his delivery shifts to grab a bite, fill up his tank, use the bathroom, or even purchase lottery tickets, just like he did on June 4, 2021. But, the following day, he hung up his Amazon vest for good when he won the $285 million Powerball jackpot. Andrew opted for the lump sum of $196 million, or $114 million after all state and federal taxes, and thought his money woes were behind him.

Fast forward nine months, and Andrew is named as the defendant in a first of its kind lawsuit. But, it’s the plaintiff in this case that has everyone talking, and he certainly doesn’t need the money since he’s worth approximately 1000 times the amount that Andrew won back in June. Jeff Bezos, who’s net worth is approaching $200,000,000,000 (that’s $200 BILLION for those who can’t count that many zeros - there’s 11 of them!), is suing for half of the lump sum jackpot because Andrew was delivering for Amazon Flex when he purchased the winning ticket.

While almost everyone has had packages delivered from Amazon, many people do not realize how those packages actually end up on their doorstep. Most of us associate those deliveries with those ubiquitous blue Amazon vans, but a sizable portion of those deliveries are made by people like Andrew in their own personal vehicles in a program called Amazon Flex. Flex drivers use an app to choose available blocks of time, then use their own vehicles to deliver packages or groceries for Amazon. The blocks pay a fixed amount, regardless of how long it takes to complete the route, but it can average about $18 to $20 an hour before expenses, like vehicle maintenance, taxes, and of course, fuel. The Flex drivers are individually contracted by Amazon and are not directly employed by the massive company, so benefits like health insurance, vacation, or paid sick leave are not offered or available, but the Flex drivers can be fired (or deactivated, as it’s called by Amazon) for a variety of reasons with little to no warning.

So, why would the head of Amazon feel like he is entitled to half of the lump sum jackpot? (Side note: Jeff Bezos is no longer the CEO of Amazon, having stepped down in July, 2021, one month after Andrew won the jackpot.) Mr. Bezos has not spoken publicly about the lawsuit, but an Amazon representative released the following statement: “While we congratulate Mr. Warner on his windfall, it simply would not have happened if he hadn’t stopped at that particular store at that particular time to purchase the ticket, and the only reason he was there was because of his Amazon Flex route.”

We have reached out to Jeff Bezos, and will update this story if we receive a response.


This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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