Posts of the day 2019-07-24

Fortnite WILL shut down
Juice Wrld Shot Dead
SpongeBob SquarePants ending in 2021!?!
Chika mejor q sinon
'Jaws' Remake Announced by Blumhouse
Popular app "Discord" shutting down 2019
Possible Creepypasta 1 the pals
We are being watched
Maniac running around with a chicken gun
Have you seen this youtuber named pewdiepie
Discord Will Be Shutting Down For Good
The world will end in 2021
Garren Groudon presumed dead, came back in hospital, Gene crying tears of joy.
Games And More Channel Sued For Harassment
A petition to destroy Mcdonalds has started
The Mighty B! to come back as a Netflix movie called The Mighty B! The Rise Of The Mighty B! In 2020
Hz0s going to cmmit die?
Sans in Smash Bros Ultimate Leak
Psicologa pula de ponte após ouvir de paciente "acho que uma formiga"
London is going to be flooded on 28th of July 2019: How to stay safe?
Youtube shutting down in 2020
Fortnite Shutting down in Late 2019
Hirohiko Araki and David Productions formally debunk "Part 6: Stone Ocean getting anime adaptation" hoax
WArniNg toxic virus with a asteroid
People called Sonny are most likey gay.
Weird black guy seen
MilkeyWay" style="color:#cf0000;font-weight:bold;">Dear People. We Are Having AN Investigation At, Space (WS. 20,211>"Mw*ShortFor*>MilkeyWay
Vine reboot coming soon!
Popular Sci-Fi show 'Doctor Who' Cancelled in 2021?
Fuck you rzzio
6ix9ine Raped in prison
Homeless veteran spotted outside of local McDonald’s
Fortnite sued 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars
10 things doctors won’t tell you about grapefruit
Greasy Grover to make an appearance at the Olympics
New Breed of Cat Found with Six Legs
Allah give piggie to children in indeea+??? /!!? /! (!
A man eaten alive by a walrus
Broken Society Breaking News
Man jailed after eating seagulls
Especialistas afirmam: Homossexualidade é uma doença e precisa ser tratada
Presa quadrilha que vendia celulares Xiaomi falsos, vendidos no Mercado Livre.
Igreja Nova Jerusalém fará o Culto que vai abalar as estruturas do inferno
UFRN anuncia paralisação dos Restaurantes Universitários a partir do dia 16 de setembro
Minecraft and other programs like minecraft are shutting down
Coldhurst Community Park in Oldham will shut down on 26th November 2019
6ix9ine, Lil pump, and Drake Shot dead.
God Returning July 30 2019 7 AM
Breaking news are coco pops bad for you
Ruby rubes a hacker
James Charles wanted by police
Peppa pig is getting cancelled
Iron Mans Death is False and He Could Still Be Living in the MCU
Baby found alive and well
Fortnite is shutting down on January 12, 2020
Cube Interactive informa o encerramento das atividades no Brasil
Over 300,000 of Discord User's Personal Information Leaked
La Franquicia Laplace M dueña de Tales of Wind cerrara definitivamente por falta de ventas
French fry
Ur dumb
Vaping causes teeth to split apart.
Alliance of American Football announces return in 2021.
Black Plague Outbreak In California?
Is time soon too be over?
America green things invade
The infamous "Mr. Mozzletop" is being investigated by the Washington FBI Terrorist Task Force Team after comments insighting terrorism and violence.
Are food evil?
Blox's Plan's premiere date LEAKED?!
This veggie could cause heart cancer...
Cat gives birth too chicks
Justin beiber is gay?!/!?!?!?!?
Jas is gay 2020
Masahiro Sakurai Idmits Kirby Was A Mistake
Smash bros ultimit will shut don
Minecraft servers are shutting down in 2020
Conroe ice
Youtuber gets arrested
[Modded] Project JoJo will shutdown in 2020
Popular Youtube star “Falmingo” dies at 24
Discord will shut down
Rablax is nat shuttin’ down m8
Stock Photos are Out of Stock? A Look Into the Stock Photo Community
U/420esketit69's 420 page Beatles fanfiction causes mass panic and distress, leading to riots.
All You Need To Know About Discord Shutting Down
Banning Liberty County
Discord Is Shutting Down
The woman behind the anti-manspreading chair creates the anti-man parade!
Felipe neto acusa a cantora Pablo Vittar de tacar ovo em sua casa
Fotnite is shutting down in september, developer speaks on subject.
Matthew Berry (AKA: Phast YT) has hit 30M Subscribers. What now?
Fortnite will be shutting down by 2020, Epic Games CEO Jim Sweeney says.
Zeph is Getting Deported
Popular Canadian Gamer "Denis" murdered in his home
Harrry_potter1008 does noithing at all but pls kik her
XB_ree is a ugly fat noob that coaches with I_Tacora the noob
Everyone at OTBC except Harry_Potter1008 and MelonieJazz and valehrie are idiots.
Jollibee Maybe Shutting Down In 2020!
Jennifer Sargent has died.
Twitter is shutting down on july 32nd.
Xfinity Voice Remotes Might Cause Cancer